Life is just a series of reinventions. How does one stay relevant? How does one stay satisfied? Reinvention. Some chapters are a great success while others fizzle into oblivion. Many reinventions occur after a major life change, perhaps a switch to a new record label, or after a new year begins. Sometimes it’s all of […]

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Crossroads. A fork in the road. A new chapter. The tides of change. This is where I am. I had become accustomed to my routine, and routine it was. You’d find me working at my comfy job with good friends, Monday through Thursday (still full-time, don’t be that jealous.) I’d spend Friday through Sunday with […]

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42 hours. That’s how long it took me to cry over the (latest) worst mass shooting in modern American history. I am so numb that it took me 42 hours to cry, and if you know me, you know I LOVE to cry. Why did it take that long? Maybe it’s because it’s not all […]


On the Eve of 33

This is not a post about my great life. You will get plenty of those in the future, because I have in fact decided to focus on two things in my year 33: gratitude, and ME. Whoa, selfish. There’s a reason for that, and here it is. On the eve of 33, it is 8:51PM. […]

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One Thing

When is the last time you did one thing? I mean that as in, you did ONE thing- at a TIME. Today, I realized I’m not sure I even know how to do that anymore. After my typical Friday-at-home routine of breakfast-clean up-random gift shopping-Sesame Street-snack-nap-laundry-return phone calls-share a Beyonce Instagram post-eat something, I saw […]

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I’m just sitting here, waiting for a 2 hour (unnecessary,) season finale of Scandal, thinking about today. Ten years ago, today maybe wouldn’t have stuck with me as much but when I awoke to the death of Chris Cornell, I was affected. As a kid I was always very aware of music and popular culture. From my first […]

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Give Up Tuesdays

I was going to give up my streak and not write tonight, but my favorite merlot just inspired me to suck it up. I had a good day. How was yours? Maybe it was the ruminating over why the baby was upset when I picked her up from daycare. Maybe it was the wrangling of her little […]

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When the Words Aren’t Enough

What does it take to be a blogger in 2017? I have been asking myself that a lot lately as I attempt to rededicate to writing – DAILY. It’s no easy task. Today, I worked 12.5 hours. What a way to return from staycation! So here’s the writing, but it will be short. Anyways, it’s […]

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For the Moms

I was always very concerned about my own identity, and losing myself when I became a mom. Right around the time I turned 30, I felt like finally, I really knew who I was. The 20s are so full of uncertainty and trial and error. Suddenly, I felt comfortable in my own skin and was really […]

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Is This Real Life?

The “trickle down” effect is typically used to describe an economic principle where the benefits of the wealthy are supposed to trickle down to everyone else beneath them. I’ve also found the term used when someone is describing a company. The actions, values and integrity of a CEO or owner trickle down to the employees who […]

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I say too much. I always have. I was the kid who told her parents she got drunk at a high school party because the guilt was too much. I am the person who will try to find the nicest, most considerate way to tell a friend she maybe should divorce her husband because he’s […]

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