Is This Real Life?

The “trickle down” effect is typically used to describe an economic principle where the benefits of the wealthy are supposed to trickle down to everyone else beneath them. I’ve also found the term used when someone is describing a company. The actions, values and integrity of a CEO or owner trickle down to the employees who work underneath them, for better or worse. I have personally seen this in action on both ends of the spectrum; it does happen. The same theory is applicable to the governing of our nation. Looking back, I see the effects of trickle down through different administrations (all of which seem like absolute heaven now.) The last 5 months of trickle down have caused serious harm to our republic and also to individual Americans, everywhere. The negativity is seeping into our daily lives and making us dazed and confused.

I’ve been scared to talk about the United States of America. As you may have noticed from my post-election Samplers, I was distraught. I was upset but also nervous about identifying myself as a person who did not vote for the current president. (PS, I still can’t use his name with the title. Because: surreal.) I am surrounded by those who did vote for him, and they have equally strong feelings about the outcome of the election. I wanted to vent out my fears about the future, talk about the changes I saw happening around me but also didn’t have the energy to engage in it. Back then, at least, there was some hope that maybe things would turn out okay.

Things. Are. Not. Okay.

I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t care if you’re still happy with your vote or if you have regrets. I don’t care what political party you support. I don’t care if you don’t agree with my political beliefs. We are in deep trouble. All of us. The America we’ve built over decades is being dismantled, piece by piece. The part I’m struggling with most isn’t even the deep trouble we are sinking deeper into, but the idea that it’s become normal for the most asinine of occurrences to take place on a daily basis. Too many things to even remember are going down in Washington D.C. each week. The barrage of bad and incredulous news has worn me down, and I’ve chosen to mostly remove myself from the stream. I wonder if that makes me part of the problem, sitting idly by with eyes shut and drink in hand, waiting for it to be over with. A phrase that frequently comes to mind is, “Is this real life?” Remember the drugged up kid on the internet after his dental surgery? I am that kid in 2017 America (but I could really use whatever drugs he was on to make it more palatable.)

In the beginning when the disbelief was fresh, it felt powerful to resist, band together, fight for rights. A mere 5 months in, we are tired. I am tired. I want no part of it. When I do get caught up on the latest tweets, hirings, firings, scandals, leaks, CORRUPTION, I think to myself, it has to end soon, right? This shit is not normal. This is the exact opposite of what a head of government should be doing. It’s the exact opposite of what a governing body should be allowing a head of state to do. Checks and balances! It can’t possibly continue. Then I watch the news and the disbelief returns.

Donald Trump fired the head of the FBI, James Comey. We know this. Some agree with the decision, some do not. In my position as a moderate middle-class woman who values trust in government, human rights for all, and reason (not to be confused with Treason,) all I can see is that Donald Trump, head of our country, fired the director of the FBI (reminder: the man who is investigating him and his administration for COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA.) COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA!!!!! RUSSIA. What would have happened in this scenario if it was Obama? Bush 1 or 2? Reagan?! America would say, “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” For some crazy reason, the media is barely batting an eye at this and instead proposing questions like, “Who will Trump hire in place of Comey?” “Was he justified in firing Comey because of his mistreatment of Hillary Clinton’s emails during the election?” UM. WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS? WHY isn’t anyone discussing the blatant and frightening inch towards fascism?

I know. I sound like one of those “bleeding heart liberals” I’ve heard so much about. I never set out to have any part in politics, much less share my opinions about it in a public forum. If believing in liberty and basic human rights for all Americans makes me a liberal, than sure. I am a liberal. But this is not a liberal concern. This is a concern for everyone, and it is not being addressed. I feel nuts sometimes as I’m watching this epidemic unfold in our country. No one is putting an end to the madness. Everyone is tired and it’s easier to ask whether or not Ivanka Trump’s clothing line should still be sold in department stores. If there are issues with the media, it’s not fake news, friends. It’s that the majority of popular news media outlets are not calling out (or perhaps, not being allowed to call out) obvious corruption as it’s happening before our eyes. Media was created to bring truth to the people. This is being dismantled, along with so many other matters of precedent that have been set to keep our elected officials honest.

Lies. Deceit. Conspiracy mongering. Racism. Sexism. Betrayal. These are just a few qualities displayed by the leader of our nation within a week’s time. We are being betrayed and it’s allowed to continue. Is this real life? I can’t believe we are here.


One thought on “Is This Real Life?

  1. We have to fight back, we must talk and work to end this madness
    Daily action is one way. Join all groups, invisable, resist groups
    Daily Action tells us each day to call, sign up
    Yes we want to hide but we must not
    I can not understand the effect he has on people, it’s unreal
    How anyone can believe or think he is right
    I can not stand the people who like him. This is a big problem as they are family, but sorry they must be in another strange world
    Hang in. Fight back

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