For the Moms

I was always very concerned about my own identity, and losing myself when I became a mom. Right around the time I turned 30, I felt like finally, I really knew who I was. The 20s are so full of uncertainty and trial and error. Suddenly, I felt comfortable in my own skin and was really enjoying every moment of that. I didn’t want to become the Cliché Mom. (#plug)

Before I had Lily, I would judge the moms I saw out in the world with their mom blogs and organic yogurt and minivans with stick figure families (still hate those.) I have spent the last year apologizing to all those women in my mind and in my writing, and have slowly made peace with becoming a mother… with a mom blog and organic yogurt. If you’ve followed my journey, you know the admiration I have for women who do this job everyday, with grace and/or wine. That’s why I’d like to say thank you.

I have to start with my own mom. She is incredible. She gave up most of her life to be a devoted wife and mom to my dad, my brother and I. Anything good we are is because of her. Now, she is a grandma and her energy, love, organization, compassion, wisdom, and strength are on full display again as she continues to teach us how to be the best. It was only this year that I began to understand what I put her through as a kid, and she still managed to love and nurture me through it all. We love you, Didi!

I’ve also been blessed this year to be surrounded by close friends who’ve become new moms, and the support system we have in each other is priceless. Whether it’s group texting at all hours to vent or laugh about something or a wine night where we have a good cry, it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to ride this rollercoaster together. You know who you are. I love you!

Finally, to the women I am acquainted with through friends, family, colleagues, Twitter, wherever… you are an inspiration. Some days, we are Beyonce and other days, we are Courtney Love (well, hopefully not Courtney Love.) No matter what, we pull through. I’ve seen the unending guidance, encouragement, and collaboration given from stranger to stranger, mom to mom and these are the things I had no clue about before. I was a child, myself before. Thank you for your kindness. It holds the world together.

By the way, I don’t think I’ve lost myself. I think I’ve found that I can be so much more than I ever was before.


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