When the Words Aren’t Enough

What does it take to be a blogger in 2017? I have been asking myself that a lot lately as I attempt to rededicate to writing – DAILY. It’s no easy task. Today, I worked 12.5 hours. What a way to return from staycation! So here’s the writing, but it will be short.

Anyways, it’s been on my mind a lot lately because it feels much more difficult to be a successful blogger now than it was when I began The Daily Sampler in 2012. I decided to start the thing, created the website, started writing daily, posting, and receiving feedback. The best part was the people it connected me with; they were other area bloggers also looking for feedback, collaboration and support. These days, having a blog and more importantly, a brand means that you have to post 24/7, and I’m not talking blog posts. It seems that if you aren’t on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other things I probably am not even cool enough to know about, then you aren’t keeping up. To think, I’d feel accomplished if I actually WROTE A BLOG once a day. Once a week would be pretty heroic. Yet, I feel inadequate because I don’t have the time to keep up with all of the necessary social platforms that develop a personal brand. How can a person who struggles to write regularly and is unable to participate in the monthly blogger meet-ups remain part of such an active community? I don’t want to blame parenthood, but guys- it’s mostly parenthood. A day job doesn’t help things but…  parenthood.

To all the bloggers: do you literally have photographers on standby, taking deep photos of you gazing thoughtfully at an urban mural, or do you just trust a person off the street to snap you? Speaking of Snap- do you feel it necessary to post “stories” on Snapchat AND Facebook AND Instagram? Aren’t you overwhelmed by this? Is your content original on each platform? Are filters required? If you only have 300 followers, are you less of a writer? What happened to the writing?

I promise I’m not trying to be a smart ass. These are real curiosities from a Millenial on the “I was alive for and appreciated the late 80’s” side of the spectrum. I’m just wondering when it all got so complicated.


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