Give Up Tuesdays

I was going to give up my streak and not write tonight, but my favorite merlot just inspired me to suck it up. I had a good day. How was yours? Maybe it was the ruminating over why the baby was upset when I picked her up from daycare. Maybe it was the wrangling of her little body while trying to give her a bath as she shrieked unusual soul-piercing screams. Maybe it was the hint of ANOTHER SORE THROAT. Maybe it was the continued circus of where-will-it-end-please-Jesus-make-it-soon American politics. Something caused me to throw all best intentions out the window. I cracked the wine, said yes to hotdogs for dinner, and am contemplating going to bed within the next 7 minutes.

Why did this happen to my good day??

No one talks about the exhaustion of the life we are living now. Seeing the positives and feeling the gratitude is something I’ve always believed in and still do. Even in the last few days, some slight tweaking of my perspective has prompted me to fluff up and get busy living. It’s been nice. Then I fall upon this evening and the weariness hits me out of nowhere. I had bigger plans for tonight. I got nothing, though. You get a short, pointless blog- and I’ll hopefully get some clean sheets on the bed before I give up until Wednesday.

You can call me a Debbie Downer, but I’m here to tell you, you’re probably calling me that because your soul is tired, too. It’s okay to admit it.


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