I Want to Think More About Ben Affleck

It seems whenever I sit down to write one of these (ahem… never,) I get almost a stage fright of sorts. In the days before I actually put words on paper, my mind swirls with ideas and stories to tell. When I touch the laptop, it’s gone. Sometimes, I do actually get something written- like my last post, never published for the public. It’s because I don’t know my writing identity anymore. You know this, too- because it’s all I can seem to talk about when I do write.

Even now. I’ve had my hair done, cleaned up the first floor of my home and prepared lunch for the babe when she wakes from her nap. In other words, I have it relatively together and have (beyond) earned some “me” time. Now that it’s here, I don’t know what to do with it- besides of course, continue cleaning and doing laundry because that’s ALL. I. DO. What I was going to write? I don’t know. It was probably a deep perspective on how hard life is and how I need to chose the positive mindset to get through it. And this is true, I do need to do that.

I realized today while I was out at my hair appointment that not only do I do absolutely nothing for myself, I do almost nothing FUN anymore. I’m not even talking about big things like vacations or nights out, I’m talking about enjoying a TV show. Or reading a celebrity gossip magazine. Guys- this blog was founded on celebrity gossip. Now, I’m the last to know that Ben Affleck is dating someone from Williamsville. You know what? I want to know that Ben Affleck is dating someone from Williamsville! The world is hard and serious and unbelievable these days, so I’ve separated myself from Twitter and the news and as much negativity as I can because it’s too much to take in. My own personal life is 110% work, all of the time. I want fun.

Here’s the scoop on Lindsay Shookus, Buffalo New York.



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