Crossroads. A fork in the road. A new chapter. The tides of change. This is where I am.

I had become accustomed to my routine, and routine it was. You’d find me working at my comfy job with good friends, Monday through Thursday (still full-time, don’t be that jealous.) I’d spend Friday through Sunday with my girl (the real work, as you know.) There was no time for creativity, no time for myself, rare time with my husband, and not much time for my friends. But, it worked for the time being and I was happy most days. The dissatisfaction and exhaustion started to seep in, slowly at first and then more frequently. It seemed strange that less time at my day job actually translated to more work in the long run. Suddenly, I had a great craving for change of virtually ANY kind, and I felt like it needed to be significant.

I’ve long been an impatient creature and when I want something, I want it yesterday. Luckily, this has translated into a habit of taking action to achieve what I want (EXCEPT FOR MY SUGAR ADDICTION. I’ll be fine. Don’t look at me.)  So, I crafted a plan.

My first action? Getting my sweet little cover band on the gig train. Check mark that. It will be fun and terrifying and we’ll all feel alive and hopefully get pretty drunk. Great.

Second? I got a new job. This action may have been scarier than booking a gig. I will venture out of the 3-year comfort zone I’ve nested in and launch back into the dynamic world of digital marketing. I can already feel my creativity churning again. I have missed it. My thoughts go immediately to my daughter, who will have to endure a third day of daycare because of it. I hope she doesn’t hate me, and I’m telling myself she will have plenty of other things to seek therapy for later in life. Our routine will change and I’ll work an extra day, yet I still somehow feel that I will find more time for the things that have been missing. Stay tuned (and please keep the snickering to yourself.)

The third action is happening right now. ‘Tis the season when I must decide whether or not to keep renewing This blog is a part of me, but as you may or may not know, I started it at a very different time in life. Since then the world has changed, I have changed, and my priorities have changed. Hell, social media has changed and being a blogger has changed. The Daily Sampler persona was once one that only required some sassy writing and a Twitter handle to connect with other sassy writers. Now, if you aren’t making a series of cute Boomerangs on Instagram, you just aren’t with it. Sorry, I guess I’m a little nostalgic for the glory days of early 2010’s internet usuage. We’re living in a new era, and it is one I have to get better acquainted with. To continue The Daily Sampler, or venture forward with something more modern? I have about a month to decide. (tellmewhattodo.)


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