So Much to Say

I did not write this. But…   I say my hell is the closet, I’m stuck inside. Can’t see the light. And my heaven is a nice house in the sky Got central heating And I’m all right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Can’t see the light. Keep it locked up inside, don’t talk about it. Talk […]

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20 Days

20 days is not a long time. It’s just long enough for a small accomplishment to happen, but short enough where it might not. It’s short enough where you can look forward to some result within a reasonable span. None of that, “I’ll retire in 12 years, 2 weeks, and 7 hours” crap. (Near) immediacy. […]

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Happy Hour! If you don’t like happy hour, you are a robot who needs to step off. For a while, happy hour became my favorite outing because it starts at around 6 and ends by 9. Perfect for tired adults! Then, I had a child who doesn’t have an ID and would prefer to be […]


Uncharted Territory

I am in a spot. It’s not a good spot, it’s not a bad spot. It’s a spot. I have so many things swirling in my head; it’s the main reason I haven’t written in more than a week. I’m not sure which direction to go in. I think I might have to bullet point […]

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The Kindness

A man bidding adieu to First Lady Michelle Obama on an episode of The Tonight Show said it best. He said he would let his young daughter stay up late to watch Michelle Obama give a speech, not only because she is she a great role model, but because all of her messages exude kindness. That is exactly the […]

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American Education is a Farce

I want to talk about education. It’s a personal hot button issue because at one time I was a student, at one time I was a teacher, and I’ve long been the significant other of a college professor who can’t find work as a college professor. I’ve seen it from all the sides, and honestly all sides have gotten […]

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Save me, Yoga.

Yoga. I’ve waxed poetic about it for a few years now and that’s simply because once upon a time, it saved my life. I was bored, alone in another country, and suffering from intense back pain. In the realm of natural healing, I think yoga is the bee’s knees for aches and pains, muscle tightness […]

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Search On

2017 floated in surprisingly easy. I was relieved to see it welcomed with the traditional hopeful ambience, with a special reminder as to why Mariah Carey should go quietly and humbly into the night. I know, the words “humble” and “Mariah Carey” have never been together in a sentence before. I did feel bad for her […]

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HAPPY 2017

I know resolutions have about a 4% chance of being attained, so the last few years I haven’t really made any serious ones. This coming year, there will be a mountain to climb. There are a few personal milestones I’d like to hit, along with finding some kind of peace in an uncertain world. Therefore, […]

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2016 Was a Good Year

I hope you clicked on this post in anger and are already gathering your thoughts for a mean internet troll comment. I get it. 2016 was a horrible, horrible year. A city was poisoned, innocent people massacred, Zika spread, every celebrity died, and there was that time a reality television personality was elected president. If […]

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