The In-Between

gg61984731Married life, post-college, pre-babies, in the last year of your twenties. What the hell is that supposed to look like? I’m trying to figure it all out, and I know I’m not the only one. You’re not really a newlywed anymore, yet you’re not quite ready for kids. That doesn’t mean you aren’t getting the baby pressure, along with the, “is that a baby bump or did she overdo it with the sushi?” looks. You may also be getting asked why you don’t have a full time job in your field yet, or why you’re nearly thirty and don’t own a house. It’s a weird time. I’m kind of excited to use it as a time to tie up some personal loose ends before the big F word (family), and maybe push myself outside of the comfort zone box. I’m in a unique situation, living way out of my comfort zone anyways, so might as well dive in, right? Let’s figure out this bizarro phase together and really enjoy it, because there’s plenty of time to be old, bitter, sleepless, and boring in the near future.

Setting the Stage

Child Free by Choice and the War Between Ideals

Gratitude in Ordinary Time

Non-Measuring Wannabe Chef Cooks Fresh, Sustainable Haddock

Gray Matter

In Search of High-Adventure Newlyweds

Our First Couples-Only Holiday Meal

Mental Health Monday and Getting All Kinds of Quiet

Yoga for Dummies

Getting Real About Health and Wellness

Patience is a Hurt You

Decoding Your Pre-Thirty Fear + a Challenge

A Diet Merry-Go-Round + Benefits of the Gluten Free Life

A No-Buy Christmas

Delving Deeper into the (Gulp) Science of Health and !EVIL! Wheat

Polar Vortex Edition

Letting Go of Disappointment and Fixed Ideas About Life

Happy Half Birthday to Me – Now We Face the Music

Progress + Moderation + Balance = Success?

The Bad Habit Breaking Challenge

The Terrible Three

Woes of Being a Road Warrior

Moving Back Home, Like Back, Back Home

Realities of the (Job) Hunt

The Third Decade


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